David's Folly Farm Hours and Information

Welcome to the farm!

David's Folly Farm is located at 1390 Coastal Rd. in Brooksville, Maine.

Our farm stand in the barn will be opening for the 2011 season on Friday, July 1st! We will be open Wednesday and Friday afternoons this year from 1 pm - 5 pm.

Off the farm we do the following markets:

Brooksville Farmer's Market at Buck's Harbor on Tuesdays from 9:30 am - 12 pm.

Friday Morning Market in Blue Hill at the First Congregational Church on Fridays from 9:30 am - 11:30 am.

We're also participating in Farm Drop this year at the Blue Hill Wine Shop on Thursdays. Check out farmdrop.org for more information.

We are happy to fill custom wholesale orders for parties and weddings as well, including vegetables and flower arrangements.

We can be reached at 207.326.4445 or davidsfollyfarmstead@gmail.com

November 1, 2011

Our Pig at Salt Water Farm

Pig Butchering Seminar with Craig Linke

Ever wish you knew how to roll your own pancetta or make delicious sausage? This nose-to-tail pig butchery workshop will demonstrate how to break down a carcass and create classic recipes. We will start with a whole (dressed) 185 lb Tamworth/Large Black hog raised in Maine. The class will cover the basics on equipment, knife skills and exactly where the different cuts of pork come from. Master butcher, Craig Linke will demonstrate traditional butchery techniques such as seam butchery, which can be done without a band-saw. We will share techniques and recipes with you such as fresh sausage, pancetta, jowl (guanciale), rillettes and coppa. We will also include plenty of tips, like how best to prepare pork belly, how to avoid chewy meat and how to identify free-range, good quality pork. We will end the class with a delicious meal of prepared charcuterie including; pate, rillettes, cooked sausages, guanciale and Craig's tasty Pennsylvania Dutch scrapple.

Craig Linke has worked in the livestock processing industry for over 25 years. He has a business plan in place for a new, USDA inspected livestock processing facility in Maine. His dream is to build a business that provides humane, professional animal processing for farms and delivers affordable meats for the state of Maine. Visit his website at http://www.mainestock.com.

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